unapologetically curious.

rajan agarwal


hey, i'm rajan šŸŒ±

currently, iā€™m crafting community interfaces at Camp Social and engineering solutions with Hack Clubbers around the world.

outside of work, i'm...

  • raising 1M+ for reproductive access with ChoiceDAO ā†—
  • making Ethereal, a poetry-to-text neural network
  • researching evolutionary game theory for idyllic orangs
  • investigating neurodegeneration using Cobweb ā†—
  • leading our school's coding and business clubs with 100+ members each

you can find me on the internet @rajanwastaken, or strolling around Toronto trying to escape the east coast. let's meet!

welcome to my humble abode,
make yourself at home

always crafting

Pushed v2 of Ethereal, which generates 20x fastser.
Spent a week in SF at the Otto Hacker House & Figma HQ.
Hack Club
Made Blind Spot (BS) at Assemble, the first in-person hackathon since COVID
Joined the Core Team at ChoiceDAO, raising 1M+ for reproductive access.
Hit a new PR for running 5k! (23:56)