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Hey, I'm Rajan

i'm a 16 year old developer, author and researcher based in toronto. i'm rebuilding patient data aggregation & poetic expression through generative art. in my free time, i explore evolutionary game theory, actuarial science and political science.

currently, i'm working on a path towards atruistic tech. i envision a future of actionable software & reciprocal automation, through a transparent technical revolution. here, i have created public policy petitions, a new form of poetic expression and idyllic biotech.

within organizations, i write curriculum infrastructure, design mental health resource access, inspire youth to code and work on the international public health crisis. in my community, i wrote a childrens novel for autism awareness and running 160km for indigenous reconciliation.

towards altruistic tech


Abstract Generative Art

Poem Synthesis & Visualization

food bank.

Open Letter

Equitable Food Security

bloom network.

Data Aggregation

Decentralized Medical Network

project hestia

Digital Communities

Indigenous Pipeline Infrastructure

project hestia

Encryption Algorithms

Custom Blockchain in 100 Lines

breaking barriers.

Children's Novel

Autism Awareness

run for hope.


160km Run For Hope